Building long-term business relationships through BI

The best business relationships have a certain synergy, and that synergy is especially important for sustaining long-term business relationships that stand the test of time. A long-term business relationship should feel secure but expansive, with room to grow into new opportunities and address changing needs.

It’s therefore critical that business solutions providers and consultants never miss an opportunity to expand their services into an area that complements their current offerings and supports the continued growth of their clients. And in an age of Big Data, your clients don’t just want the solutions you’re providing. They want the data transparency necessary to calibrate those solutions, test their effectiveness, and scale. For the most strategic providers, partnering with a scalable BI platform committed to your success is the answer—giving you the power to nurture your long-term business relationships with data transparency and actionable insights.

Expanding Offerings to Grow Business Partnerships

YourDMS was founded in 2007 as a document management and solutions consultancy. Our teams consult and implement document management solutions for growing businesses to streamline administration and accounts payable departments. Over the years, we’ve expanded to provide workflow automation and outsourcing services, and one of our longest-standing clients grew right alongside us. With the support, consultancy, and solutions provided by YourDMS, Pet Family expanded beyond a chain of successful pet food stores to include dog day-care centers, pet grooming facilities, pet clinics, and multiple brands of natural pet food.

And it was this 10 year business relationship that helped YourDMS discover a new paradigm in business intelligence, data, and analytics. Pet Family was scaling, and their data was growing faster than they could handle.

More Data, More Problems

As business expands, data expands. YourDMS was covering the document and workflow solutions required to manage the entire Pet Family umbrella of businesses, from procurement to sales, logistics, warehousing, accounts, HR, and beyond. But unlike the solutions and services offered by YourDMS, their BI platform wasn’t scalable. And when it came to business problems, Pet Family was paying us to have the solutions.

Their legacy business intelligence software could only spit out massive Excel files. And with the sheer volume of their growing data, they would have needed a team of data scientists working full time to extract actionable insights. Pet Family simply couldn’t expand any further without a single source of truth and full data transparency across their multiple businesses. They needed their employees focused on creating new products and dreaming up new expansions—not wrestling with massive data dumps.

Building a BI Partnership with Sisense

We knew it was time to expand our suite of solutions to include a robust BI platform that could handle big, complex data from multiple sources. But it was critical to me that the solution we selected wasn’t a band-aid for a single client. I wanted a long-term business partnership with a BI platform that I could easily scale and provide to additional clients.

The success of YourDMS has always hinged on the quality of the solutions we provide and the relationships we build with our OEM suppliers. I require that every solution and software we endorse, tailor, and provide to our clients gives me that same feeling of synergy and mutual commitment to success that I feel with my own clients. I wanted a platform flexible and scalable enough to serve the Pet Family empire as a test case and one that I was confident could expand with us to serve our other growing clients as well.

Looking Toward the Future with a BI Partner

For Pet Family, Sisense was the boost they needed to continue their expansion with confidence. Not only are documents and workflows streamlined, but all of the data from their different businesses and branches funnel into key dashboards, allowing management to view a single source of truth on any given branch, business, or the entire Pet Family empire.

Meetings with senior business management used to start with, “How are we doing with X?” Now they start with, “We’ve all seen what’s happening with X, let’s discuss action steps.” Senior management have never felt more secure or empowered to make the kinds of business decisions that used to go unattended for months while they waited on the data.

For the team at YourDMS, a successful Sisense rollout to a high-value client is just the beginning. Pet Family’s request for better BI served as a catalyst for us to identify and partner with a BI platform committed to our success and the success of our clients. Because Pet Family is only the first of many YourDMS clients who will benefit from the power of Sisense.

About the Author

Stewart Wright has over 25 years in the Document and Data Management industry offering extensive senior management experience, delivering high-quality products and services. Working with companies such as Invu, Abbyy, Sisense, Cumulus Pro, Draycir, Microsoft and Fujitsu to deliver business-critical software and solutions to organisations from 3 to 3000 users, YourDMS provides tailored, efficient document management, process management, and business intelligence solutions to companies seeking to reduce costs by improving their data capture, data analysis and reporting, workflows, accounts payable processing, and email management.

Originally posted by Sisense