Internet Ransomware – The perils of not keeping up-to-date

My experience over the last 25 years of providing all sorts of business systems has provided many frustrations.

Some with technology but by far the most with people and their inability to look further than their own desk.

Recent virus attacks across the world have used older and out dated technology to get a foothold.

Therefore, is the issue technology, how we connect, or is it something else?

The luddites will now say, well if we didn’t have the internet or if we had paper… but the problem isn’t technology, it’s peoples’ inability to change and use the technology properly.

I’m constantly amazed that businesses are extremely dismissive of the importance of upgrading, tending to go for the approach of ‘if it works don’t touch it’.

As we will find out with the recent very public attacks, it won’t be a multi billion pound piece of kit that was the issue, it will be a small access point that seemed unimportant at the time that allowed this to happen. This also highlights the importance of regular back ups, so when these things happen, it minimises the overall damage that data loss can cause – you can’t be held to ransom for data that you hold somewhere else.

So take some advice, when someone offers upgrades, think positively and take steps to keep ahead of the cyber criminals.

You can find more information on the National Cyber Security Centre website


Stewart Wright, Managing Director, YourDMS

Stewart Wright is Founder and Director of YourDMS Ltd, and has over 20 years in the Document Management industry offering extensive senior management experience, delivering high quality products and services.


Working with companies such as Invu, Abbyy, YourBPO, Microsoft, Draycir, and Fujitsu to deliver business critical software and solutions to organisations from 3 to 3000 users, YourDMS provides tailored, efficient document management solutions to companies seeking to reduce costs by improving their data capture, workflows, print reduction and email management.