Using Clouds

Since time immemorial we’ve had clouds. Clouds help transport the life-giving water every living thing needs. Clouds have been used to gain an advantage, fighter aircraft during the first and second world wars used clouds as cover. We have even generated our own clouds – cloud seeding.

But clouds can also bring some negatives cold wet weather, flooding, difficult driving conditions.

So, what about today’s clouds? The term cloud springs a very different thought process in our brains.

Whether you stand on the Eric Schmidt (Google) camp or Dave Winer or maybe even the guys at Compaq regarding the origin of the IT term cloud, we cannot get away from its effect on our day to day lives.

Everything we use at work today, whether in part or whole, use some part of a “cloud” to accept, deliver, store or process the information we use on a day to day basis.

Most systems and storage are now cloud-based and the reasons for this are many but in short, it’s easier, quicker, cheaper and believe it or not much, much, safer.

As with all clouds where are the negatives? Well similar to the natural clouds the negatives aren’t in the cloud itself but in us being prepared to use what they offer. Too much water and we get a flood. Not enough water storage and we lose the benefit. Restrict access and we can’t get it when we want. Choose the wrong company and its costs too much.

There is no doubt about the benefit of clouds just make sure you prepare yourself and your business to use them.

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