Welcome to my world…

Have you ever found yourself saying this through gritted teeth when work isn’t quite going to plan?

We’ve worked with many finance professionals over the years, spent time with you, listened to you, seen the challenges you face every day just to get your work done. So, we get it!!

Documents sat around waiting for approval, to be paid or even just to be filed in the right place. Suppliers ringing and chasing payment. The FD asking for reports to be on their desk by the end of the day. Updating the cashflow spreadsheet by hand, coordinating all the receipts for the Expense claims submitted!!! And don’t even mention month end. This means you have to dedicate time in your day, week or month to sort it, all the while thinking “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”…

Which is why, when we work with a new customer, the first thing we do is listen. And only once we really understand ‘your world’ can we begin to suggest ways of improving it and making it a nicer place to be.

We could suggest something as simple as moving the scanner closer to the people who use it the most, or something more complex like implementing an automated system that removes all the tedious data entry and saves everyone loads of time.

While every customer is different with their own set of challenges, one thing is always the same – we bring about changes that make staff happier and less stressed at work, and make Directors happier by saving money that can be used to grow the business.

It’s a win-win. Happy staff + streamlined processes = Profitable company.
And that’s a pretty great world to be in.

So the next time you find yourself muttering ‘Welcome to my world’ and wondering why everything has to be so difficult, give us a call.