Business Intelligence For Retail – Why Connecting Your Data Is A Game-Changer

Stewart Wright, Managing Director of YourDMS and Iain Dougal, Financial Director of Pets Corner, presented ‘Business Intelligence For Retail – Why Connecting Your Data Is A Game-Changer’ to a packed room of retail professionals at the RetailEXPO 2019.

They talked about the growing significance and power of data within retail organisations, and the importance of a holistic view of the business where combining multiple data sources enable Pets Corner to be proactive. They also provided valuable insights into how Pets Corner effectively collects, analyses and uses their data to inform decision making and business strategy.

The talk also touched on:

  • Understanding the importance of data within your organisation and its uses
  • Combining data from across your business to get accurate, real-time insights and inform decision making
  • When it goes wrong – overcoming problems faced when working with incomplete, incorrect, old data
  • What to look for when reviewing your data – a 5 step guide to cleaning up your data

If you want to prepare, analyse and explore growing data from multiple sources easily, instantly creating insights that drive your business, let’s talk.

We understand that data is complex, but getting the answers you need shouldn’t be. A Sisense Business Intelligence solution simplifies every step of the analytics process, translating your growing data into actionable insights for better decision making.

“I don’t know what question I want to ask tomorrow for my business. Next-Generation BI gives me the flexibility and speed in order to act.”

Iain Dougal, Financial Director, Pets Corner

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