Freedman Frankl & Taylor

With over 40 years experience as Chartered Accountants, Registered Auditors and specialist Business Advisors to entrepreneurial startups to international businesses, Freedman Frankl & Talyor have an undisputed reputation for developing business efficiency and financial performance.


Freedman Frankl & Taylor were struggling with document storage issues. They had an abundance of paper files within the business. Some were stored in filing cabinets in their office and some were in storage in a building the company owned over half a mile away. As well as dealing with the financial and space implications of storing so much paperwork, FFT were also concerned with files being misplaced and paper deteriorating resulting in a loss of information.

With a growing business, FFT knew they had to gain control of their documents. They wanted a solution that would provide a secure and central repository for digital files, improved document access and filing, and help to increase efficiency throughout the business.

Invu has made my life so much easier, it’s unbelievable. And I would strongly recommend anybody in a similar position to ourselves, running a high document volume business, to look at the potential of the Invu solution, as provided and supported by YourDMS.
Freedman Frankl & Taylor

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