G. Modiano Ltd. is one of the world’s pre-eminent wool traders and processors. The company traces its origin back to 1875, although the company which exists today was founded by Jo (Giuseppe) Modiano in 1957, and is the largest producer of wool tops in the world.


As an organisation, Modiano are very paper intensive. Their shipping process, in particular, generates large amounts of documentation for Customs and hauliers. The majority of which are paper files that need to be manually stamped. If any of these documents are missing, it could result in shipments being detained or delayed, so it’s critical to the business that they can always find the documents they need at the right time.

Modiano needed a way of storing all of their documentation securely in one place, and making it easily available to colleagues across the group.

We deal with a lot of documentation, particularly in relation to our shipping process, produced by both us and third parties. We needed a way of pulling all of it together in one space, and making it easily available to a number of different people across the group.

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