Neville Registrars

Established in 1936, Neville Registrars has earned an outstanding reputation as the choice provider of share registration services and as an experienced CREST registrar. They are dedicated to forging solid relationships, placing the interest and reputation of their client companies above their own and providing the highest standards of care and excellence.

Neville Registrars case study


As one of the industry leaders in the drive to remove paper from the share registration system and substitute shareholder-friendly electronic systems, Neville Registrars offers step-by-step guidance and support for any client company looking to embark on electronic communications with its shareholders. It is paramount that their software and technology is up-to-date.

Over the years, the impact the solutions have had on the business is immeasurable. With the excellent support of YourDMS, we were able to create quite complex layouts and custom scripts which have made a massive impact on our efficiency and the processing and recording of many important documents.
Neville Registrars

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