Pets Corner: Automating Accounts Payable Case Study

Established in 1968, Pets Corner has grown to 155 stores nationwide. Highly committed to the environment and animal welfare, Pets Corner have a strong team of experts in animal care, nutrition and husbandry and ensure their staff are given the best training in the industry. Pets Corners’ core values endorse the provision of best possible service to their customers at all times.


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Pets Corner needed to streamline their existing processes. Replacing their manual data inputting and improving their filing, archiving and file-share facility would greatly reduce overheads and free up employee’s time that could be better spent. Pets Corner could then offer suppliers both improved payment times and payment accuracy. In the long term, this would improve confidence and trading relationships with their suppliers and could lead to prompt payment discount negotiations. With the company’s drive to growth and profitability, major advancements in procurement were required.  

“Having successfully grown our pet supplies outlet stores to 65 across the UK, we were manually processing thousands of invoices every month. With expansion and development planned, this number was soon to increase and the man-hours required would need to double in order to keep the process flowing; suppliers paid promptly and purchase data available to the Directors at any given time. We knew our overheads were growing but considered this a necessity.”

Iain Dougal, Financial Director, Pets Corner



YourDMS recommended the instalment of an automated data extraction process to deal with the 2,000+ invoices they were receiving every month. Correctly identifying and extracting the necessary data including all line-item details, would allow automatic posting into their Sage accounts system and analysis application, Cognos.

A combination of Abbyy Flexicapture – for data extraction – and Invu Document Management and Workflow – for easy storage, retrieval and management of information.

The strength of the proposal was its flexibility in processing documents from a number of sources including email, scanning or monitored folder locations. This labour-free and cost saving solution provides scalability, allowing for the increase in supplier invoices attributed with business growth, without any reflective administration overhead increases.





All invoices received at Pets Corner from suppliers are now captured, recognised, interpreted and processed with little or no intervention. The only time personal intervention occurs is if the invoice data does not meet the agreed Pets Corner criteria. In this instance, that specific invoice issue is addressed without interrupting the other invoices in process. This resolve has greatly reduced time and effort in capturing invoice data and processing for payment. Pets Corner have greatly advanced their customer-supplier relations which in turn has resulted in improved supplier discount on products.

The Facts
The invoice data is imported directly into Sage 200 and the actual invoice filed within the Invu Document Management system for the required invoice lifecycle (6 years). This allows Pets Corner to improve the invoice processes whilst adhering to all its statutory obligations.

Invoices requiring management sign off also follow a predetermined Pets Corner process, including timings and escalations procedures. This has created a rounded process for invoices without the need to move expensive and cumbersome paper copies around a multi-site organisation.

“Before we engaged with YourDMS the processing of our purchase invoices from our major suppliers would take weeks. Now we process these in a matter of days. Not only are we able to accurately extract data from our incoming invoices to pass to our accounts application, but we are also extracting, verifying and integrating to line item level. YourDMS’s expertise has given me and my business accurate control of our purchases and payments, without increasing the size of the team involved.”

Ian Dougal, Financial Director, Pets Corner


Download case study as pdf.