Solar Insurance Services

Solar Insurance Services are a Kent based insurance broker specialising in niche products, alongside more traditional insurance needs. They work hard to deliver the best products at the best prices, including Tax Investigation Cover, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public & Employers Liability Insurance, and a variety of Motor related products.


Solar Insurance Services were continually generating new documents and storing them in filing cabinets. This caused problems not only in the amount of space they took up, but also in the amount of time it was taking employees to search for and retrieve the files they required. If a document was misfiled, it was nearly impossible to find it again.

They were required to keep some policy documents for up to 40 years. As the business grew, so did the number of documents that needed to be stored securely.

With 24 filing cabinets in the office already, Solar Insurance Services needed to find a better system to file and retrieve their documents that would also free up valuable office space for their team.

The whole process of storing our indexed documents straight into Invu is an integral part of what we do – it’s part of the daily routine. And it allows us to operate with a small team because we’re not relying on additional people to handle the admin for us.
Solar Insurance Services

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