At YourDMS we want to understand you, your businesses, your department – in fact, the more we know about you the better. We adopt a partnership approach where we look to merge our technical knowledge and expertise with your knowledge of your business. Using our experience, we will help you balance the needs of your business now, with those in the future.


We start at the very beginning, we listen to what your business is looking to achieve & understand how you want your business to grow.

We ask about what your business headaches are and understand why they are barriers to growth.

We conduct a 1-day document review to fully understand how documents are used within the business, how information is processed & how information and documents are stored.

We sit down with your employees to understand fully their functions, processes and the documents involved.

We provide you with a fully independent and confidential assessment of how your business manages its information. your data security and any specific compliance needs. We will provide simple suggestions that will save money not cost you.


Part of our commitment to you is through the high quality, ongoing service you will receive from us. Our customers tell us that it’s one of the reasons they chose us.

From the first contact with you, our overriding aim is to provide you with the right solution for your business, from consultancy to installation to training. Once that’s done, for others, it may mark the end of the relationship. At YourDMS, it’s only the start.

With a dedicated and trained technical support team in-house, you are always guaranteed expert help and advice, no matter who you talk to on our helpdesk. With the ability to access your system remotely, issues can be resolved immediately and with minimal disruption to you. For most clients, our online support resolves the majority of issues without the need for a call or a visit. However, if there’s a need for a site visit, our friendly and experienced staff will be on hand for a face-to-face meeting.

With a range of support packages at competitive rates, you will also receive free product upgrades and free installation of version updates (crucial in ensuring that you are using the latest technology to keep your business competitive). We also run web seminars showing “best practice and enhancements” and offer a host of other benefits.


The changes that YourDMS have implemented for us have made a huge difference to the way we work! With our systems now integrated, it only takes a few seconds to find the document we need. And the improvements to our invoice approval processes, and the use of intelligent workflows, has allowed us to pay invoices much more promptly. All of which has improved productivity and saved money across the business.