Outsourced Invoice Processing is a fully managed service that automates key tasks within the invoice handling process – an ideal choice for strategic Accounts Payable management.

Our outsourced service is like an extension of your accounts team because we understand your complete process, from start to finish. We use the latest technology and processes to capture the data from your supplier invoices, check and match it against purchase orders, delivery notes and other relevant documentation, and action the business rules exactly the same as your accounts department, before rejecting or approving for payment. 

Invoices with anomalies are presented back to the business to action. Approved invoices will be waiting in your accounts software, ready for payment, and filed for review later on. You still have control over all payments to your suppliers, and making them more promptly will improve your supplier relationships and can often qualify for a prompt payment discount.

Replace a fixed, overhead cost with a Pay Per Invoice cost
Our outsourced service is flexible and scalable, quickly adapting to fluctuations in your invoice volumes so you only pay for what you need, when you need. As you grow and your invoice volumes increase, you don’t need to increase the size of your team, saving thousands of pounds per year, that you can reinvest in the business. When your team aren’t bogged down with tedious, manual tasks, they can focus their time and attention on work that will benefit the bottom line.


  • Flexible costs – Pay Per Invoice
  • Focus your resources on core business processes
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Provides a clear up-to-date picture of your financial obligations
  • Drive business growth by utilising your Outsourcing partner’s experience and expert knowledge
  • Enhance innovation by integrating the latest technology
  • Meet new governance, risk and compliance with ease
  • Flexible and scalable services that adjust to changes within your business
  • Improve response times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improved cash management

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