YourDMS dazzle at the RetailEXPO

At the beginning of the month some of the YourDMS team travelled to London to exhibit and speak at the RetailEXPO.

If you went, perhaps you saw us there? We were pretty hard to miss in our bright yellow t-shirts, on our bright yellow stand handing out free bottles of Truth serum!

We were there to talk about the very successful Business Intelligence (BI) project that we have delivered for Pets Corner and to showcase the Sisense BI platform.

We had lots of great comments about our stand – it certainly got everyone’s attention! The theme was ‘Is your data telling you the truth?’ and visitors could choose to take a red jelly bean or a blue one depending on whether or not they wanted to know the truth about how their business was really performing. Yes, we’re fans of the Matrix…

Our giant touch screen allowed us to demonstrate the Sisense Interactive BI dashboard and show retailers not only how great visual analytics are compared to staring at spreadsheets of numbers, but also how easy it is to use and drill down into your data.

For those retailers who like to push the boundaries and do things a little differently, we had a wi-fi enabled Sisense Bulb and an Amazon Echo. Both items can be integrated with the Sisense BI platform so that users can access and be alerted to changes in their data in the way that suits them. You can ask Alexa for real-time responses to your data questions – “Alexa, what are my sales figures for May?” – and get the answers you need in plain English. Or monitor the “mood” of your metrics by setting Sisense Bulb to change color the instant your data needs your attention for real-time impact.

Another highlight for us was the very successful joint presentation, delivered by our MD, Stewart Wright, and long-term customer Iain Dougal, FD of Pets Corner on the Operations stage. They spoke about Business Intelligence for Retail, why connecting your data is a game-changer, and the importance of having clean, connected data to reveal the truth about your business. The presentation was attended by over 100 people and was very well received!!!

We had a fantastic time at the show and we really enjoyed chatting to retailers and finding out more about their businesses and the challenges they are facing. We found that they all had one thing in common – a desire to make faster, better informed decisions in all areas of their business. With a Sisense BI platform, insights appear instantly, making it easier for retailers to see change and take action.

If you would like to find out more about how the Sisense Business Intelligence platform can turn your data into actionable insights in your business, or to book a demonstration, please contact us on 01285 810606 or email

So long RetailExpo, see you next year.